Yuriko Ogata
Kana/Kanji 緒方ユリコ
Gender Female
Age 15-16
Hair Color Red
Manga Debut Special 09
Anime Debut Episode 44
Voice Actor Shizuka Itou
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Yuriko Ogata was Natsume's classmate for a short period in the town where Natsume first saw the small youkai, Suneko.


She had long curly red hair. When she was at home, she wore glasses.



When she first saw Natsume in her class, Yuriko thought nothing of him. After school, she went to the local temple. That's when she saw Natsume sleeping and when she tried to clear a leaf from Natsume's head, Natsume suddenly woke up screaming monster, and kicked Yuriko. The stunned Yuriko just watched Natsume went away from the place, bewildered that the new student would kick someone, a girl at the least.

Natsume 05 1

Yuriko and Natsume talk

The next day, she faced with Natsume asking for his explanation. When she noted that Natsume should cut his fringe hair already, she almost heard Natsume saying that as if he could ask for the money to see barber from his guardian. Feeling guilty for being inconsiderate, she watched Natsume walked away.

Ever since then, she always watching and noticing something strange about Natsume. She noted that Natsume sometimes would just ran away as if he were being chased by something. Yuriko believed that Natsume could see something which normal people could not. However, she was just too scared to ask Natsume about the truth, worrying for hurting his feelings again unconsciously.

One day, she saw Natsume was surrounded with students and a teacher was accusing Natsume for breaking the mirror. Underneath their feet, there were fragments of broken mirrors. Yuriko tried to defend Natsume, saying that the main culprit shoud be on the outside, because the mirror fragments were scattered inside the building where Natsume was standing. However, the teacher still blaming Natsume for the broken mirrors. Yuriko tried to contest but was stopped by Natsume, whom thanking her for her effort in his defense.

That evening, it was the last day she met with Natsume. They parted ways without Yuriko asking Natsume about what he could see.


Back to present days, Yuriko slipped when coming down from the stairs at the temple. She was almost got hit by a passing lorry but mysteriously she was lifted off by some wind force. She was saved with only a sprained ankle.

She believed it was the same spirit that Natsume once saw that helped her out of harm ways. When Junko informed her that their ex-classmate, Toyomatsu saw Natsume at another town leaving shop with a kind-hearted looking person, she was glad that Natsume finally found a happy home.


Takashi Natsume

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  • Whenever she failed or got a terrible result in her exam, she would went and pray at the local temple. This fact was well known by her best friend, Junko.