Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Manga Debut Chapter 47
Anime Debut Episode 43
Voice Actor Ao Takahashi
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Youko had secret meeting with Takahiko at an old small temple. She kept waiting for him daily even when he stopped coming over. The youkai Yobiko remembered her.


She had long straight black hair and short fringe.



In Yobiko's memories, she always had a meeting with Takahiko everyday at the old small temple. Even when one day Takahiko stopped coming, she still waited for his appearance.

One day, she heard Takahiko's voice from inside the temple with closed door. Unknown to her, it was Yobiko mimicking Takahiko's voice to accompany her. Without any doubt on Takahiko's explanation, they continued talking with each other as usual.

However, one day she got tired of just hearing Takahiko's voice, not seeeing his face. When she insisted to see Takahiko in person, Yobiko rushed out and leave the stunned Youko behind.

Later, she left a letter to Yobiko thanking him for taking the time accompanying her all the while.