Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Manga Debut Chapter 15
Anime Debut Episode 22
Voice Actor Kenji Nojima
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Yasaka (八坂) comes from a wealthy family, but he is also frail. He spends most of his time reading underneath tree.


Yasaka was a young, but weak, man with dark blond hair and grey eyes. He was usually seen in a kimono.


One day, during sakura blossom, he met a youkai named Miya.


Descending from a family of importance, Yasaka was weaker than most men. Thus, he spent time alone, reading and honing his literary skills.

He also did not discriminated between youkai and humans, and fell in love with a humanoid Youkai (named Miya). It is implied that Yasaka knew that Miya was a youkai, but simply did not care.

A few years after meeting Miya, Yasaka is shown to have had another encounter with a different, powerful youkai (not shown on-screen) who supposedly drew a painting of him amongst rows of barren cherry trees.