This might be sort of long, but I think I need to say this.

I became a Natsume Yuujinchou fan about a year ago, and I really enjoy the manga and anime. I watch and read it a lot! However, after deciding to read more about it, I found something startling.

Being a geeky sort of fan, I decided to see if it had a wikia. I like reading about the characters, episodes and manga chapters of animes and manga to get an in-depth analysis of its story. To my happy surprise, it did, so I immediately clicked on it and read a couple of articles.

The quality, to say the least, was needing a lot of improvement. I found grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors among quite a few pages. I was disapponted. I knew that Natsume Yuujinchou has more than a few fans, so I wondered why no one had bothered to help out a place where fans like me went to geek out and read trivia and info about Takashi, Madara and the rest of the characters that make me smile.

I'm not implying that the other users here aren't trying their best to improve and edit what they can around here, but there's so much that needs to be done. I've edited quite a bit, ofter having to cut out entire sections of articles and trying to regain some of the quality that still exists here. 

I'm trying my best to help this wikia, but I need the other users' help. If you're a noob (sorry for being so blunt!), then click "Random page" and read the article that shows up. Maybe there's an error that you might notice, or an incorrect fact you see. Just edit it. It's not that hard, and it helps a lot.

I'm not an admin. In fact, I'm a pretty normal user. And a noob. Sorry,

But please, I'm asking the users here:

If you can, read through the articles that exist here, and edit them. It's tedious, it's boring, but it is so worth it to the dedicated fans who visit this page and expect a good, clean article to read, discuss and think about.

I know this was long, but I had to get this out.