Gender Male
Anime Debut Episode 44
Voice Actor Ayumu Asakura
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Toyomatsu is a classmmate of Yuriko and Junko.


He used to be known as a bookworm for his appearance of being a geek. However, as noted by Junko, when he joined the Cycling Club, his body bulked up, which was very different from what he used to look like.

He is also the one who saw Natsume talking to himself while entering a shop. After they had their rest, when their team was about to continue the journey, Toyomatsu saw Natsume leaving with a kind-looking elderly woman (which was actually Touko-san). He then conveyed this to Junko.

Also unknown to him, he was the one that the small youkai, Suneko, was clinging on before it jumped on to Natsume.