The Tree Youkai
Gender Female
Hair Colour Grey-Green
Eye Colour Green
Manga Debut Special 02
Anime Debut Episode 30
Voice Actor Fuyuka Ooura
Book of Friends
Listed No
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She is a tree youkai whose name is not revealed. She appears in Episode 30.


She has grey-green hair and she wears a paper-mask, which covers her eyes, with one huge eye drawn on it. She has grass-green eyes, where only one is revealed occasionally from under the mask.

She is dressed in a white traditional Japanese clothing. When she is in a cat form, her fur is black and white.


The tree youkai lives in a tree which grows beside a road Natsume used to walk to school when he was a child, which gave her the name "tree youkai".

Because she lives on this tree, she is usually bored and is therefore mischievous to make up for this boredom.



Tree Youkai scared Young Natsume

One day, the youkai is bored and attempts to amuse herself by driving away some bullies who were tormenting Natsume, with true intention of helping Natsume. She realizes that Natsume can see her and she becomes interested in him.

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Natsume and Tree Youkai talk.

She constantly teases him until he finally asks her why she cares about him. She gets embarrassed and replies that she has more important things to do than caring for humans. Natsume then walks away smiling.

The next day she scares Natsume so that he falls and causes another boy to fall too. Natsume yells that he hates the youkai and tells her to go away.


Natsume hug Tree Youkai in her cat form

After that Natsume starts taking another road to school. The youkai starts seeking for him in the form of a cat and finds him one day sitting alone in a grassy field. Natsume places her on his lap and they watch the sunset together.

The day after, due to family situations, Natsume moves to another place, which saddened the youkai.



Tree Youkai hug Natsume since their last time.

Many years later Natsume returns to see her. She is moved by his return and embraces Natsume. When Natsume recognize that the scent of the youkai is the same as the cat he placed on his lap during that sunset, he knew that the cat and the youkai were the same person.


  • Her name was not contained within the Yuujin-chou.