The Little Fox's Watch


Kogitsune no Tokei
Air Date August 23, 2011
Episode 34
Adapted From Special 05
Opening Song Boku ni Dekiru Koto
Ending Song Kimi no Kakera
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The Little Fox's Watch is the thirty-fourth episode of the Natsume Yuujinchou anime. It first aired on August 23, 2011. It is the eight episode for Natsume Yuujinchou San, which is the third season of the anime.


Nyanko sensei is still injured from the poisoned arrow shot by Matoba Seiji before. Hinoe, who came over to take a look at Madara, suggested Natsume to just go the pottery lesson with Shigeru. He could also search for the Oborosou herb which is great for healing wounds.

Natsume is invited to go to a pottery classroom with Shigeru. It's being held in an inn where he once stayed. When he goes there, he meets an old friend: the young fox child he once saved.

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