Kana/Kanji 民子
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Manga Debut Special 03
Anime Debut Episode 11
Voice Actor Sawa Ishige
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A young girl that lives near Sasada's house. When Natsume and Sasada saw her at the front shop, Sasada introduced her to Natsume as a lonely girl whose parents always absent at home.


She had long black hair that always loosely tied in two ponies. She had a sweet voice.


She fell into the same hole where Nyanko-sensei later falls in after chasing birds. When she first saw Nyanko-sensei, she thought he was a huge white pig.

Upon closer look, she realized that it was a big fat cat. When she hugged Nyanko-sensei to prevent him from climbing up, she noticed that Nyanko-sensei smells like sake.

They both escape from the hole with Nyanko-sensei in his beast form. Tamiko was unaware that she was actually flying with Nyanko-sensei, and thought it was just a nice dream.

Later on, at the Autumn Banquet, Tamiko freed Nyanko-sensei from the rope binding. Instead of releasing him, she dragged Nyanko-sensei, running for cover.

Somehow, Nyanko-sensei did managed to escape from Tamiko.