Kana/Kanji タマ
Gender Male
Hair Colour Dusty blond fading to light brown
Eye Colour Brown
Abilities Dragon
Anime Debut Episode 17
Voice Actor Sayaka Aoki
Book of Friends
Listed No
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A youkai who hatched from the egg that Nyanko-sensei and Natsume cared for.

He belongs to the species Tatsumi, similar to dragons (the Japanese dragons are quite different from Western dragons, and they are recognizable by the characteristic shape of the horns).

His name comes from Tamago, which means "egg". It was chosen by Nyanko-sensei.

His name is not contained in the Yuujinchou.


Tatsumi Youkais do not have a definite form when they are still young. They take upon the same form as the first thing they see, believing that person/youkai/animal is its mother.


Tama's true form

Since Natsume was the first living thing "Tama" saw, it took on the form of a human. The only defining feature all young Tatsumi Youkai have are the horns.


Loyal and kind. Even though he could not speak the human language, Natsume seems to understand every word when he 'speaks'. This can be seen when Tama invites Natsume to take a look at the vase-like nest that he made.