Takuma Yousuke
Gender Male
Manga Debut Special 15
Anime Debut Episode 60
Voice Actor Kazuhiro Yamaji
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Takuma Yousuke is exorcist who takes Shuuichi Natori under his wings. He is father of Tsukiko.



A kind-hearted figure, Takuma strives to be better, even though he is not as talented as many other exorcists. Takuma pursues exorcism solely to protect humans from dangerous youkai and sees it as a noble art of guarding human civilisation.

This is also where Shuuichi Natori developed his sense of the world from, choosing to adopt Takuma's ways, rather than following the ways of the cold-hearted Seiji Matoba.


A mediocre exorcist from the start, Takuma Youseke constantly depends on using his wit, and other accessories (like spectacles) to help him succeed at his exorcisms.

He was the first one to be attacked by the Three-Horned Youkai, thus setting off the events that led to Natori choosing the life of an exorcist.


A few years later, when he loses his ability to see youkai, and quits the exorcism business, he implies leaving all his unfinished business, and the responsibility of taking care of his family, to Natori.


  • Takuma proves crucial to the development of Natori Shuuichi's character.