Takashi Natsume's Parents
Gender Male and Female
Anime Debut Episode 50
Voice Actor Katsuyuki Konishi (Natsume's Father)
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Takashi Natsume's Parents appeared briefly in Season Four at Episode 50 and Episode 52.

Natsume's Mother is daughter of Reiko Natsume.



Natsume had no memory of his mother as she died at childbirth. However, he does have little memory about his father. Natsume remembered that his father used to put him on his father's lap at their house's veranda. His father would tell him that his mother had planted flowers at the garden and wished to see it bloom together with Natsume.

Natsume's father also kept the scribbling that Natsume drew at the kitchen floor, even though the place could easily be seen.

Natsume's father passed away when Natsume was still small, therefore he was passed along with other relatives, before he coming to live with the Fujiwaras.