Takashi Natsume

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Kana/Kanji 夏目貴志
Gender Male
Age 15-16
Birthday July 1
Height 167cm
Hair Color Pale blond
Eye Color Yellow/Orange tint
Abilities See Below
Weapons Book of Friends
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 01
Voice Actor Hiroshi Kamiya

Ayumi Fujimura (young)

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Takashi Natsume is the main protagonist of Natsume's Book of Friends along with his self-proclaimed bodyguard, Nyanko-Sensei.

Like his grandmother, Reiko Natsume, Takashi has the ability to see Youkai.[1]


Takashi has dusty-blonde hair (silver colored in the manga), golden-brown eyes with slitted irises (green eyes in the manga), and usually wears a soft smile (noted on several to occasionally be fake). He is currently around 167 cm in height.

He is often mistaken for his grandmother, Reiko Natsume, by Youkai, making him a constant target of Youkai who had a history with Reiko. [2][3][4][5][6] Similarly, Takashi has also been considered to be beautiful by many and has multiple fangirls in his school [7]. He, however, seems to be oblivious to his appearance and his admirers, much to Kitamoto and Nishimura's disbelief.

It was revealed in the Official Fanbook that Takashi has a complex about being weak and having a girly face, so he consciously makes an effort to be masculine and use tough language (Natsume uses "ore", the masculine version of "I" in Japanese, instead of "boku" or "watashi", which is more polite.)


Takashi, unlike his grandmother, Reiko Natsume, is kind towards both humans and youkai, to the point that he can be easily fooled [8], as mentioned by Tsubame. Prior to the beginning of the series, he was originally reserved and soft-spoken because of his troubled past and he used to greatly dislike having the ability to see youkai because of the trouble it's given him. Because of this, he's had trouble interacting with other humans.

Zoku natsume-reads

Natsume reading a book

Thanks to the kindness of the Fujiwaras, Kitamoto Atsushi, Nishimura Satoru, and his friendship with Madara, he slowly opens up to both humans and youkai. He does, however, occasionally suffer a slight trauma about his past, often in a dream or when he sees humans (usually exorcists) acting despicable. One of his dreams as a child was to grow up and live independently, away from everyone else.[9]

Takashi does not reveal his ability of seeing youkai to the Fujiwara couple, or his friends, Kitamoto and Nishimura, because he's worried that they would stop acting normal around him and worry about him.[10] He also tries to hide what he sees from Tanuma Kaname because he is worried that he may drag him into his problems.[11][12][13][14] The author describes him as, "a person who is trying to be kind".

Zoku natsume vs nyanko

Natsume always have some kind of quarrel with Nyanko-sensei

Though he has seen youkai all his life, he has little tolerance for their antics. When angered or pushed, he lashes out in a punch or a kick of resistance, which has enough spiritual energy in it to knock even the highest level of youkai out in a second.[15]

However, his fighting abilities only extend to youkai; his punches, as noted by Madara, do not work on humans.[16] Takashi is very agile and good at climbing trees because he was always running away from youkai. He has short stamina (constantly mentioned by Nishimura) and is very susceptible to heat.


Zoku natsume-chibi

Natsume when first receiving the Book of Friends

Takashi has had the ability to see youkai ever since he was very little, thus making him look and act strange. He would turn pale at the sight of them, making him a target of bullies and youkai. He was constantly accused of telling lies just to get attention from everyone by his classmates and by the relatives looking after him at the time.

His mother died right after he was born and his father raised him on his own [17]. When Takashi's father died, he was passed from relative to relative. He didn't have many friends due to his ability. He was also treated coldly by his foster parents. According to a youkai, some foster parents have gotten drunk and hit him, or pretended to 'forget' to feed him [18]. He's even been sent to an orphanage once [19]. The kind-hearted Fujiwara couple finally took him in and treated him as part of their family. [18]

Tumblr os2491UMq61tr6wqbo2 1280

Natsume and Tree Youkai talk.

Some bullies who were tormenting Natsume, with true intention of helping Natsume. The Tree Youkai scare bullies away and Natsume look at her, Tree Youkai realizes that Natsume can see her, think it's impossible human can't see youkais and becomes interested in him. Tree Youkai constantly teases him until he finally asks her why she cares about him. She gets embarrassed and replies that she has more important things to do than caring for humans. Natsume then walks away smiling.

The next day, Tree Youkai scares Natsume so that he falls and causes another boy to fall too. Natsume yells that he hates the youkai and tells her to go away.


Natsume hug Tree Youkai in her cat form

After that, Natsume starts taking another road to school. The youkai starts seeking for him in the form of a cat and finds him one day sitting alone in a grassy field. Natsume places her on his lap and they watch the sunset together.

The day after, due to family situations, Natsume moves to another place. [20]



Zoku shigure & touko

The Fujiwara couple

Fujiwara Couple

Main article: Shigeru Fujiwara
Main article: Touko Fujiwara

Because the Fujiwara couple took him in their home and treated him with kindness, Takashi works hard to ensure that they don't know about his abilities to speak with youkai since he tries not to trouble them in any way.

Although he is not their own child, they treat Takashi as if he was their own. Takashi hopes to pay them back for their kindness one day, yet he wonders if he would be ever able to repay their kindness.

Reiko Natsume

Main article: Reiko Natsume


Main article: Madara

Nyanko-sensei is Takeshi's self-proclaimed bodyguard, though he often blatantly ignores[21] when Takashi is in danger and instead drinks sake or chases around with insects[22] or even sleeps.[23] Furthermore, he tried to eat Takashi several times during the beginning of the series.

Madara claims that he will only stick with Takashi until he dies so that he would get the Book of Friends. However, there are occasional times when he would forget that promise, such as the time where he said it was a pity that Takashi had not drank any mermaid's blood after meeting one, and Natsume laughs and says, "But then you'd never get the Book of Friends, would you?" which causes Nyanko-sensei to lapse into silence.[24]

He also becomes furious when others, especially Matoba, try to harm Takashi. Though they argue a lot, their relationship is similar to that of a grouchy but over-protective uncle and an exasperated but loving and appreciative nephew.

Tanuma Kaname

Main article: Tanuma Kaname

He is one of Takashi's schoolmates and friends. Tanuma also has the ability to see youkai, but on a much weaker level, only being able to sense their presence or see their shadows.[25] He can also hear them on very few occasions. Initially, they see each other as comrades of the same boat in detecting youkai, but soon the great difference in abilities made Tanuma upset since he cannot help Takashi much with youkai.

Takashi is very protective of Tanuma because he knows that, likewise, Tanuma is protective of Takashi. Takashi knows that Tanuma will help him no matter what the cost, and that scares him because he does not want Tanuma to recklessly protect him and get hurt. Takashi is reluctant to share his vivid experiences with youkai as well, because he knows that Tanuma cannot relate and will feel guilty about not being able to do so.

In the episode The Gap Between Humans and Youkai, Tanuma has a breakdown and confesses that he's scared of being useless and losing Takashi's friendship in the process. He knows that Takashi is keeping secrets out of kindness, but he doesn't want a wall between them because of it. Takashi promises to tell him more from then on, strengthening their friendship. Soon after that, in the beginning of season 4, Takashi starts to rely more on Tanuma and Taki with his youkai problems and is more open to discuss solutions.[26]

Taki Tooru

Main article: Taki Tooru

Another of Takashi's friends and classmates who know his secret. Taki is a descendent of an onmyoji[27] and has the ability to inscribe magic circles to see youkai. Other than that, she is an ordinary, energetic girl who loves cute things (though her range of 'cute' extends to Madara as well).

Like Tanuma, she tries to help Takashi any way she can, but she is often prevented because Takashi does not want her to be involved with his problems. Takashi's friend, Nishimura, has a crush on Taki, though most of her attention is devoted to Takashi.

In the begining of season 4, Takashi begins to rely on her a lot more along with Tanuma.[26] Taki also gives support with her onmyoji knowledge through her growing passion in learning from her grandfather's books such as creating tailsmans.

Kitamoto Atsushi and Nishimura Satoru

Main article: Atsushi Kitamoto
Main article: Satoru Nishimura

Natsume with his male friends

Takashi's two best friends were the first to call out to him. They are very close, to the point that Takashi sometimes tells them about his troubled childhood or has meaningless squabbles with them, and they are both understanding and tolerant of his occasionally strange behavior (which usually involves youkai).

When Takashi hurts himself by accident (again, usually involving youkai), they lecture him and remind him that he can tell them anything. Takashi does not mention his ability to see youkai because, like with the Fujiwara couple, he is scared that they will no longer treat him normally.

Natori Shuuichi

Main article: Natori Shuuichi

Natori originally took interest in Takashi's strong spiritual power (which Natori hints is even stronger than his own) and wanted Takashi to be his apprentice in exorcism.[28] Takashi refused because the way they see youkai is different; Natori sees youkai as both tools and dangerous, while Takashi treats them with kindness and sees them as an equal (no difference from human).

However, their relationship gradually becomes brotherly, to the point where they can rely on each other for help. Natori asks Takashi to go to a hot spring with him on a vacation (although it should be noted that Natori initially wanted to go to check up on a sealed youkai there). Natori also offers to give Takashi a place to stay if he "ever gets tired of telling lies", meaning lying to the Fujiwara couple about his ability. Natori calls Takashi his one friend who is able to see the same scenery.

Matoba Seiji

Main article: Matoba Seiji

One of Takashi's more obvious enemies. Matoba is a cold-hearted exorcist who, like Natori, wants Takashi to become an exorcist, as well as to join the Matoba clan. Takashi initially dislikes him greatly because Matoba thinks nothing of hurting or enslaving youkai to do his bidding.

He also seems to show no empathy towards other humans. After learning of Matoba's loneliness and sacrificial position, however, Natsume softens up slightly towards him, but he still refuses to join the Matoba clan.


Main article: Jun Sasada

While the two are not particularly close, Sasada suspects Takashi of being able to see youkai because she herself met one and wanted to meet it again.[29] Sasada had observed Takashi and noted his quirky behavior, thus drawing out the conclusion that Takashi could see things no one else could see.

She is similar to Takashi as to having no close relatives: her mother died and her father remarried, then her father died and her stepmother also remarried. In the manga, Sasada moves away and is never seen again.

In the anime, she stays as one of Takashi's class representatives and it is often implied that she has a crush on him.

Katsumi Shibata

Main article: Katsumi Shibata

Yuriko Ogata

Main article: Yuriko Ogata

Powers & Abilities

  • E831155121d9207810f71d4f9ddeaee3

    Natsume returning a name.

    Returning Names: Being Reiko's descendant, Takashi can return the names inscribed in the Book of Friends, thus freeing the youkai his grandmother originally bounded. He does this by first picturing the youkai in his mind, which the book reacts to by flipping to the page the name is written on. Takashi then rips out the page and places it in his mouth, as the ritual requires either the blood or saliva of the owner. He then claps his hands and exhales. The cost of releasing the name, however, drains him of a lot of energy in the process, and he often becomes very tired afterwards.
  • Dream/Memory Reader: If a youkai becomes emotionally unstable in the same space as a sleeping Takashi, its dreams may flow into Takashi's. On the other hand, most of the youkai let Takashi see their memories so that he can understand their situation better. Takashi can also see their memories when he releases a youkai's name.
  • Spiritual Power/Fighting Ability: Due to being directly related to Reiko, he has strong spiritual power, which allows him to see and hear youkai that are normally intangible and invisible to other humans. He can also interact with youkai, and vice versa. Takashi's strong spiritual power are also significantly effective, as shown when he punches Madara and other youkai, and often knocks them unconscious. His incredibly strong ability in spiritual magic and strength causes him to smell delicious to man-eating youkai, according to Madara, and draws in unwanted attention from hostile youkai. However, Takeshi does not use his powers for any other use than returning names, even though he hits and hurts youkai with some of his power. In later episodes, he develops the ability to sense the presence of nearby youkai when he is given enough time to focus.
  • Sealing/Spells: In episode 38, Natsume has had minor experience with sealing spells before as seen in his younger years. Natori had also expressed intrigue at Takashi's spiritual ability, being impressed that Takeshi could animate a paper doll to find a youkai on his first try so quickly.


  • He seems to be the only human (besides Reiko), to be able to read the names in Book of Friends. (However, both Natori and Matoba have not tried to read and the guide book states that anyone with spiritual power could read it.)
  • In the manga, Natsume has silver hair and green eyes. In the anime however, his eyes were changed to golden brown. In the anime he is less irritable than in the manga; he is more relaxed.
  • He appears to have some sewing skills, as shown when he sewed clothes for the baby chick Tatsumi.[30] However, later on during the school festival, Natsume was tasked with being the cashier for the class bazaar and Natsume seemed to have some difficulty sewing up the pink ribbon onto his apron.[31]
  • He has a complex of being weak and having a feminine face, so he consciously tries to act masculine and use tough language.
  • Although he always sleeps in class and is frequently absent, he is quite popular with the girls at school. [32][33]
  • He is bad with children (due to his own troubled childhood).[34]
  • He is only human of member of The Dog's Circle.


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