Gender Female
Hair Colour Black
Manga Debut Chapter 14
Anime Debut Episode 16
Voice Actor Takako Honda
Book of Friends
Listed Yes
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Sumie is a youkai that was sealed because of her evil nature.


She has white skin and long black hair, her lips are blue. She wears a red yukata.


Evil and deceitful. She pretends to be innocent in front of Natsume, as she senses that Natsume is rather soft-hearted. When she gets her name back, she attacks Natsume.


She used to bring fears and feed on people that come and stayed at the inn, before she was finally sealed. Her head was separated from her body and were sealed in a large pot, in the room where Natsume and Natori were staying.

Sometime before she was sealed by exorcist, she had her name in the Yuujinchou, which implied that she had met with Reiko Natsume.


She was sealed in a jar that Takashi Natsume finds during a short vacation at the spa with Shuuichi Natori.

She tricks Natsume to give her name back and attempts to eat him. Natori's exorcism doesn't work on her. She is later stopped by Large Three-eyed Youkai.


  • Her name was included in Yuujinchou.