Stitch Mark Youkai
Natsume aware the stitch mark youkai behind him
Gender Male
Eye Colour Black
Abilities Curse
Manga Debut Chapter 17
Anime Debut Episode 19
Book of Friends
Listed No
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Stitch Mark Youkai is a youkai that cursed Taki Tooru for seeing it inside one of her circles.




The youkai curse Taki that he will eat every 13 person that Taki mentioned their names if she unable to find her in 365 days.

A month before the due date, the youkai finds out that Taki have ask for help from Takashi Natsume to search for him. Since Natsume is able to see youkai on his own, without any circles or outside help, the youkai despises Natsume for this.

Hence, after capturing Natsume without Nyanko-sensei realizing it, the youkai brings Natsume to his hiding cave and bind Natsume there with supposedly assumed to be youkai rope. Natsume manages to escape but got his eyes licked by the youkai beforehand.

The youkai tongue actually contain poison that rendered Natsume unable to see youkai for a short period.