Shuuichi Natori
Natori Shuuichi 02
Kana/Kanji 名取周一
Gender Male
Age 23
Birthday November 12
Height 175cm
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Red
Abilities See Below
Weapons See Below
Anime Debut Episode 09
Voice Actor Akira Ishida
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Shuuichi Natori (名取周一, Natori Shuuichi) is one of supporting character of Natsume's Book of Friends.

He is the head of the Natori clan and Natsume's "friend". He can also see spirits.

On the surface, he works as an actor, but his real job is being an exorcist.


He has short blonde hair, a medium build, and red eyes. He has a lizard birthmark which is actually a youkai that moves around on his body, but apparently, never goes to his left leg. It is hinted that it is because his left leg will someday disappear.

It can only be seen by people or spirits with strong spiritual power and is his signature feature.

Roses and background light appear when he smiles, representing the fact that he's handsome.



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Because he is an exorcist and has strong spiritual power, he has the ability to manipulate paper dolls (Shikigami) and has three spirits under his command. One of them, Hiiragi, was a youkai that he saved.

When Natori is first introduced, he hated spirits because of his horrible childhood. Interestingly, in a flashback of his first meeting with Hiiragi, he was shown to be kind towards her. Due to his hatred towards youkai, he had a tendency of being harsh with them. Natsume tends to disapprove of his forceful exorcism methods. But, after meeting Natsume, he gradually softens even though his ways aren't much different.

His relationship with Natsume is kind of brotherly, that Natori invites Natsume on a hot spring trip. This is probably because Natsume is one of the few people he knows who is not an exorcist, but can see spirits like he does, or because Natsume shared the same pain he (Natori) once experienced. He describes Natsume as "someone who sees the same scenery" as him. At first, he wanted Natsume to be his assistant in exorcisms, but Natsume refused. Natsume still helps him with some of his jobs, though. When Madara remarks that Natsume must be quite the useful tool for exorcists, he agrees, but says a strong and talented assistant is all he ever wanted but he does not want to lose his precious friend.

Over the course, Natori develops concern for Natsume's well-being for he tends to be reckless when it involves with spirits. Nevertheless, Natori always tries to help him in any ways he can. Natori can be quite protective of Natsume, ever ready to protect him from anything that is seemingly threatening to Natsume, i.e.; Matoba and youkai. He seems annoyed with Natsume's unnecessary involvement with youkai, as he tends to be reckless. This is only because he worries about Natsume.

His relationship with Madara/Nyanko-sensei was not very affectionate in the start, but he gradually becomes friendly towards him, almost as if Natori and Natsume are playing with him.

Also, because of the necessities of his work, Natori can lie easily. He knows that Natsume is of the same nature, he feels that he has similarities with him. Natori even told Natsume that he can come to his place, whenever he (Natsume) gets tired of lying. This causes Natori to slowly become attached with Natsume.




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Abilities and weapons

Natori has strong spiritual power, allowing him to see youkai. Using this power, he exorcises and seal youkai, as his job as an exorcist requires him to do so. He did mention that it is easier to see youkai through his glasses. He has also hinted several times in the series that Natsume is likely to be stronger than him.

Natori had the ability to manipulate paper shiki to his will. He mentioned that the paper shiki art was from the generations of Natori family.

He also had three youkai as servants, Urihime, Sasago and Hiiragi. They only appeared alongside Natori and very loyal to him.