Sealed-Away Youkai
Youkai big2
Gender Male
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Manga Debut Chapter 25
Anime Debut Episode 33
Voice Actor Masaru Nishio
Book of Friends
Listed No
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A big and powerful youkai that was sealed deep in the forest.


He was a big youkai that was sealed long-time ago deep in the forest.


In order to break his seal, a lot of blood from youkais were needed. The female exorcist who wanted to revive him collected a lot of youkai's blood for this purpose.

The process of collecting blood was accelerated with Madara's blood that was hurt from Matoba's poisoned arrow.

However, he refused to obey the female exorcist's command to eat Matoba, instead strongly pushed her away.

Matoba then banished him with an arrow with paper written incantation on it.