Sawarabi (Old Tree)
Old tree youkai-ich2
Gender Tree
Anime Debut Episode 07
Voice Actor N/A
Book of Friends
Listed Yes
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Sawarabi is old tree youkai.


An old withering tree that was promised by Reiko Natsume many years ago, to return its name on spring. Takashi Natsume when he heard of this, mention that Reiko kept making promises that she couldn't keep.


When Natsume is in the process of returning the tree's name, the Chukyuu Bullies (A and B) and Little Fox both witnessing the process. From there, the Chukyuu Bullies came to know that Natsume is the powerful rumoured one with the Book of Friends.

As for Little Fox, he wants Natsume to take his name too, making him as Natsume's underling. However, Natsume kindly refused this and explaining that they are friends, not in the master-servant relationship.

The tree spirit then disappears after regaining its name back.