Gender Male
Hair Colour Brown Fur
Anime Debut Episode 05
Voice Actor Yoshiyuki Hirai
Book of Friends
Listed Yes
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Santou is a simple youkai, who simply wishes to make peace with his best friend Mikuri.

Due to some misunderstandings, this is not easy for him so he asks for Natsume's help.


Santou is a large bear-like youkai with green fur and small eyes. Whenever he's happy, he wears a big goofy small and blushes.


He is very loyal to his best friend, Mikuri, even after got beaten up by him. He's also a patient youkai as he waited for Reiko for about half a century. He doesn't have a very good memory as proven when he couldn't tell Reiko why Mikuri was mad at him.

He's very kind-hearted and compassionate as shown when he refused to give Mikuri's cursed form  the Book of Friends.


Santou and Mikuri are two best friends that live on the mountain. One day, he met Reiko Natsume and she challenge him into a fight and lost. So, Santou lost his name to Reiko. His friend, Mikuri, is angry at Santou because of his stupidity in accepting her challenge and losing his name to a mere human.

Santou was upset his friend was angry at him and begged Reiko to help him. She agreed and told him to wait at the train station tomorrow for her as it was late and she needs to go home. She totally forgot about her promise and Santou was left waiting at the train station for 50 years.


One day, Takashi Natsume was going through his grandmother, Reiko's belonging and found an old train ticket. His "bodyguard" Nyanko-sensei, said Reiko probably made a promise to meet someone at the train station and forgot all about it. Curious, he decided to check out the places his grandmother used to visit.

When he reached the train station, he saw Santou who mistaken him for Reiko. After explaining how Reiko made him wait for 50 years, Takashi decided to go along with him as Santou was reluctant to leave the train station without him.

They finally reach their destination and discovered that Mikuri has been possessed by evil spirit which has transformed him into a gigantic fish-like youkai. Santou tried pleading with his friend to come to his senses and begged for his forgiveness. Mikuri was not able to hear him and continued attacking Takashi and Santou. Nyanko-sensei transformed into his youkai form and defeated Mikuri.

The evil spirit left Mikuri and he is transformed back to his usual self. Santou and Mikuri finally made up and returned to the mountains.


  • His name was included in Yuujinchou.