Gender Female
Hair Colour Blue
Anime Debut Episode 28
Voice Actor Mina Kobayashi
Book of Friends
Listed No
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Sagume is a youkai from Episode 28, Ukiharu Village. She was banished from the village and now seeking ways to return.


She had slit eyes and blue hair. Her inner kimono also in same bluish colour. The outer kimono was in white.


Same with Kanawa, she was from the Ukiharu Village. However in her case, she was banished because she broke a tree's branch. Feeling disappointed and angry, she tries to find any way that she could just to return.

As only the blood of true Ukiharu Village's resident could open the entrance, being an outcast, her blood was rejected. When she heard that Kanawa had awoke, she tried to tricked Natsume. She claimed she was Kanawa's younger sister and asked for Natsume to return Kanawa's name from the Book of Friends.