Gender Male
Hair Colour White/Gray
Anime Debut Episode 41
Voice Actor Kazuya Ichijou
Book of Friends
Listed No
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Rokka is the lord of the Eastern Forest, appeared in Episode 41.

The Eastern Forest. He was weakened by all the spells the Matoba-clan had put inside the forest, and was in deep slumber in the forest. His followers, the Sarumen, tried to revive him using Natsume's Book of Friends.




When Matoba and his clans put seals all around the Eastern Forest, Rokka's power was weakened and thus he sleeps deep in the forest. Concerned, his followers tried to find any way to save their forest.

When they heard about the tale of the powerful 'Natsume of the Book of Friends', they went after him in vain hopes to retrieve the Yuujinchou from him to wake up their master.

Later, it was Misuzu and Hinoe that found him deep in the forest, thus preventing a major fight between Natsume and the Sarumen.