Zoku riou
Gender Male
Hair Colour Pale Blue
Eye Colour Blue
Manga Debut Chapter 09
Anime Debut Episode 14
Voice Actor Masaya Matsukaze
Book of Friends
Listed Yes
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Lord of the forest and a powerful youkai who appears before Natsume as a maneki neko after being sealed by an exorcist. He loves humans, and he used to take human form so he could speak with them.

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In his sealed cat form he's identical to Nyanko-sensei except for that his fur is black instead of white.

In his normal state he looks humanoid, except he has blue eyes and hair and is between fifteen and twenty feet tall with white feather wings that have a wingspan twice as tall as he is.

He wears a white yukata with nothing underneath and no footwear.


When he first appears as a black maneki neko he doesn't speak, but when he's released from the sealed form we learn that he's a soft spoken and kind Ayakashi.

The other ayakashi look up to him, because he gave them power to be able to live in the forest in peace, though they think of him as a bit soft in the head for befriending humans.

He apparently likes humans, and sounded very sad when he learned that his friend had died long ago and decides to never go human settlements ever again to make sure none of his underlings attempt to attack the humans for his sake again.




  • His name was included in the Yuujinchou.