Gender Males
Anime Debut Episode 45
Voice Actor Kanehira Yamamoto
Book of Friends
Listed No
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These two were the followers of Omibashira. They lured the lower-rank youkai in the area, saying that their master will protect those who were weak and they should come and pay their respect at a banquet specially for the Omibashira.


The one responsible sealing Natsume in the bottle had three lines on his forehead and pointed horns. The other one had ear-like horn on his forehead.


At the Omibashira Festival, one of the Onizaru handed Natsume the letter of invitation to Omibashira's banquet. His friend said that Natsume is a human and shouldn't had invited him. They intented to kidnap Natsume instead as offering, but Natsume was saved when his friends came looking for him.

That evening, one of the Onizaru threw a bottle from Natsume's window. Later that night, the Onizaru with pointed horn tried to get Natsume's bottle but was ambushed by Madara.