Gender Female
Hair Colour Light-Mahogany
Eye Colour Dark-Blue
Manga Debut Chapter 37
Anime Debut Episode 29
Voice Actor Fumiko Orikasa
Book of Friends
Listed No
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Murasaki was a youkai from an old wisteria tree which grows in a park that was near Shibata's school.

The tree was damaged and so she had very little power.


She has light-mahogany hair and dark-blue eyes. She wears a school uniform with green collar and skirt.



She thought that if she eats a human she would not disappear. She started seeing Shibata thinking she would eat him but as days pass and they became closer, she started to like him.

Then Shibata asked Natsume to check if she was a human because her hands were always so cold and she did not tell Shibata anything about herself.

Natsume first thought that she was a normal girl. However later that night, he had a dream which assured him that she was actually a youkai and went to meet her the next day.

When Natsume found her, she was eating raw fish. Upon seeing Natsume, she tried to eat Natsume instead. However her attempt was failed by Nyanko-sensei.

Natsume tried convincing Shibata that she was actually a youkai but Shibata did not believe him. Instead accusing Natsume being a liar. Natsume went back yet again to the park and finds the tree in which Murasaki lived.

She told him how she felt about Shibata. Natsume then went to find Shibata so that she and Shibata could bid farewell to each other. After these events Shibata and Natsume became friends.