Mrs. Hana
Hana peach
Gender Female
Hair Color Grey
Manga Debut Chapter 02
Anime Debut Episode 02
Voice Actor Michie Kita
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Mrs. Hana was the only person left worshiping Tsuyukami, the God of the Dew.


Mrs. Hana has the soft complexion of an elderly woman.



Ever since she was in high school, Hana had been praying to Tsuyukami. One day, when she was at his shrine, he revealed himself to her and spoke to her. However, she didn't respond quickly enough before he disappeared. She always brought peaches to his shrine and hoped she would see him again.


She first appeared when her peaches dropped and Natsume helped her to recover the peaches. As a token of thanks, she offered a peach to Natsume. After she left, Nyanko-sensei mentioned that she is not delicious smelling, meaning that her death was nearing.

When meeting Natsume for the second time at the Tsuyukami shrine, Mrs. Hana tells Natsume that when she was younger, she positively believed that she saw Tsuyukami sitting on the tree branch. Tsuyukami was saying that the weather was nice. Mrs. Hana regretted that she didn't replied because she believed that Tsuyukami would disappear if seen by people.

When she finally passed away, Tsuyukami followed suit and disappeared.