Kana/Kanji 三篠
Gender Male
Hair Colour Whitish Grey
Manga Debut Chapter 03
Anime Debut Episode 03
Voice Actor Takaya Kuroda
Book of Friends
Listed Yes
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Misuzu is a powerful bull youkai with many followers. He first feels the need to complete at least one task for his master before having his name returned to him. In the end, he acknowledges that Natsume Takashi is a worthy holder of the Book of Friends and decides that his name is in good hands. He offers himself as Natsume's bodyguard in place of the "useless" Madara more than once.

He is member of The Dog's Circle.


Gigantic in size, even for the typical youkai seen in the series, Misuzu is a bull-like ayakashi, with black skin and a bull's head. He wears a light purple kimono, with his right ears pierced with two golden rings and his left ears pierced with two small bells.

His right hand is that of a bull's hoof, while his left hand is a human-like hand, with two golden bangles. It is currently unknown what Misuzu has for his legs.


Like any strong youkai, Misuzu has a condescending personality as he looks down on both lesser youkai and human excorcists. He is also short-tempered, easily getting mad when other youkai tease him.

In contrast, Natsume Takashi has earned Misuzu's trust and respect, as the latter always behaves with manner towards the holder of the Book of Friends.