Mark-Ironer Youkai
Mark-ironer youkai2
Gender Male
Abilities Five Day Mark
Anime Debut Episode 12
Voice Actor N/A
Book of Friends
Listed No
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Large black youkai that was responsible of putting a cursed mark on Natsume's left arm in Episode 12.


The youkai's body was entirely in black. When he was sealed under the tree, ropes attached with talismans surrounded him.


It was an old tradition where the old youkai put someone on curse so that the could eat the person. When the youkai noticed that Natsume was nearby, it put a five-day mark on Natsume's arm, a countdown when he will come to eat Natsume.

The large and sealed youkai had his mieri-san youkai following Natsume and find the location of Natsume's house. The youkai was later defeated by the lights emitted from Natsume's summoned shiki.