Little Fox
Gender Male
Anime Debut Episode 07
Voice Actor Akiko Yajima.
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Listed No
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A little fox (子狐, Kogitsune) youkai who become attached to Natsume after being saved from some bullies by him.


In human form, he looks like a youthful boy with semi short, brown-blonde hair with fox ears. He wears a dull-brown kimono.

Regular humans can only see him as a fox, while youkai and those able to see youkai sees him as the human form.

However, he can transform into human form only after eating a special medicine. 


As he was still young, he was constantly bullied by other youkai. Because of this, he is scared easily and is seen by many as a "crybaby".

After a year passes from his first meeting with Natsume, he considerably grew stronger and was able to defend himself from these bullies.


After he was saved by Natsume, he came to his own conclusion that Natsume was also alone. He followed Natsume to his home but was disappointed seeing Natsume happily had a dinner with his foster family, the Fujiwaras.

Natsume later took him back to Kariba Springs.


He went to see Natsume at the Autumn Banquet. Unaware, the two bullies followed him and framed him guilty. He was saved by Natori Shuuichi who was passing by. Natori then instructed Hiiragi to follow and observed Little Fox.

During the commotion, he lost his bag which contained the special medicine that could enabled him to transform into a human. While searching for the bag, Little Fox and Hiiragi met with Natsume.

After retrieving the bag and consumed the special medicine, Little Fox spent the entire night with Natsume and Tanuma. Nyanko sensei then joined them and watched fireworks together.

A year later, Natsume again came to Kariba Springs. This time he came together with Shigeru. Little Fox was excited when seeing Natsume again. The God of Rock advised Little Fox to live in his own time, not bothering with human's life time. However being still a youngster, Little Fox did not understand what the God of Rock meant.

Little Fox found out that Natsume was searching for the Oborosou Herb to treat Nyanko-sensei's wound.

Determined, he set off to find the herb for Natsume. When the tree with the Oborosou Herb was struck by lightning, the God of Rock sacrificed himself to saved Little Fox from getting hurt. Disheartened, Little Fox picked the herbs for Natsume. He was later consoled by Natsume, who also set out to search for Little Fox in the rain.