Kana/Kanji 黒鎌の妖怪
Gender Male
Weapons Black Sickle
Manga Debut Special 09
Anime Debut Episode 44
Voice Actor Kazuhiko Nishimatsu
Book of Friends
Listed No
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Kurokama is first seen in Episode 5 of the fourth season, To You, From Bygone Days attacking a small youkai by the river where Natsume had left it.


Kurokama has the head of a Komainu with a tennis ball stuck in its mouth and a black kimono. He glides a few inches above ground. Finally, he carries a black sickle in its right hand.



Long ago, Kurokama was the guardian of a shrine where a god lived. The fate of the god is unknown, but it is safe to assume that it no longer reside at the shrine. Kurokama's duties were to take human disasters and suffer in their place.

One day, Natsume left a Suneko that clung onto its arm by a river. Feeling guilty, he went back the next day only to find Kurokama attacking it. Natsume tries to protect the small youkai from Kurokama. He is mad at Natsume for loosing its prey, he curses him.

Natsume has 30 days to escape the wrath of Kurokama or he will die. If he escapes by traveling to another town, someone else will die in his place.

Kurokama chases him all around town and even at Natsume's school where he broke multiple glasses with its sickle. Because of that, Natsume had no choice but to move out of town, but before moving out he confront Kurokama and beg him to not kill anyone. Kurokama calls Natsume a liar, not trusting him on the fact that he has no choice to move out of town.

In the end, Kurokama says to Natsume that he can't harm humans in any way nor does he knows how to curse anyone. The sole reason he chased Natsume was because he hated him.

He was last seen saving Ogata from a car accident.