Kousuke Atari
Kana/Kanji 中 孝介
Gender Male
Age 34
Birthday July 13, 1980
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Kousuke Atari (中 孝介, Atari Kousuke) is a Japanese enka singer. He is a self-trained musician, and performs in the shimauta (island-song) style of his hometown.

He sang Summer Evening Sky (夏夕空, Natsu Yuuzora), the ending theme of the first season of Natsume Yuujinchou. He later returned to sing the ending theme for the third season, Pieces of You (君ノカケラ Kimi no Kakera) featuring violinist Emiri Miyomoto. Atari also guested as a voice actor for Yasui, the owner of the Yasuian Pottery School in The Little Fox's Watch.