Chizu memory with keiichi
Kana/Kanji 蛍一
Gender Male
Manga Debut Chapter 16
Anime Debut Episode 21
Voice Actor N/A
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A young sick man that lived near Chizu Sakanaka when she was younger.




Chizu memory of getting the vial of blood

The vial with red substance

He was sick for some unknown reasons and was be bedridden all the time. He played with Chizu as she was an only child with busy parents.

One say, when his health deteriorated fast, Chizu fed him a vial of what she believed was mermaid blood. Not long after that, he was transferred to a faraway hospital, and recovered, but never returned.

Keiichi grandson

Keiichi's grandson

Later, in the present day, his grandson has the exact same appearance as his grandfather. That is the reason why Chizu thinks Keiichi has stayed young (immortal).