Kayatsubo 115485
Gender Female
Manga Debut Chapter 57
Anime Debut Episode 53
Book of Friends
Listed No
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Kayatsubo is a Youkai who lives in a pot. She held a grudge against Reiko Natsume, whom she believed stole her doll. Kayatsubo returns to confront Reiko, demanding her doll back, though encounters Takashi Natsume instead. She demands that Takashi finds the doll for her, threatening to take away everything he treasures.


Kayatsubo the Pot

Kayatsubo lives in an old brown pot with a wooden lid. The pot has small cracks and a hole from which an eye can often be seen. She can stretch her arm or half her body through the top of the pot.

New Canvas

When she comes out from her pot, Kayatsubo's form resembles that of a human. She has long, light pink hair with the front bangs clipped back, leaving only short fringes.

She has slanted, pale blue eyes, a pale complexion, and wears a white and pale blue Japanese dress.


Kayatsubo is vindictive, holding onto a grudge and seeking out Reiko Natsume to get back her doll. She can also be very emotional, as seen when she comes to Takashi's home full of anger and hatred for Reiko, whom she claimed was a thief.

Kayatsubo is also seen as rather playful, pretending to be a different Youkai when Takashi comes to her shed in order to tip him off about the doll that she's looking for.

She seems to be very lonely living by herself in her pot. She becomes possessive over the doll which she called her "friend" and her "treasure," and even expressed her wish to have Reiko to live in her pot. She also seems to have a fondness for pretty things, such as the doll she picked up, and even Reiko.


Kayatsubo had picked up a doll that a little girl accidently left behind after she fell into the woods, claiming it to be hers after the girl dropped it. She encounters Reiko Natsume, who came to find and bring the little girl back home. She takes a liking to Reiko and tries to bring her into her pot. However, Reiko was saved by another Youkai who rushed her away from Kayatsubo.

Reiko Gets Back the Doll

After discovering that Kayatsubo always falls exhausted and sleeps after the sun sets, Reiko sets out to retrieve the doll. She finds Kayatsubo's pot, and dauntlessly reaches in and successfully retrieves the doll while being careful not to wake the Youkai. Reiko then immediately goes to return the doll to the mother of the girl, who insists that she keep it.

Seeing that the doll is best in possession of someone who will love and care for it, Reiko returns to the forest to give Kayatsubo the doll. Unable to find her, she leaves the doll on a tree for the Youkai to find it.

Unknown to her, however, the doll had fallen and gotten so dirty that Kayatsubo was unable to recognize it.