Gender Male
Manga Debut Chapter 05
Anime Debut Episode 04
Voice Actor Kyouko Chikiri
Book of Friends
Listed No
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Kappa is one of a recurring character, though a minor one of Natsume's Book of Friends.

He is member of The Dog's Circle.


He had a white disc on his head with body all green. His mouth beaklike is similar to that of duck.

At his back were turtle-like shell.


He was a kind spirit that willing to offer help to Natsume after he was saved twice by Natsume. When he caught some fish, he searched for Natsume to share it together.


Takashi Natsume usually came across when the kappa was dehydrated. Natsume helped him by pouring water over him, so the kappa tried to help Natsume whenever he could.

He was also the one that informed Natsume about the evil exorcist that depriving other youkai's blood. He once mentioned that Natsume was capable person for knowing a lot of powerful youkai such as Misuzu and Benio.


  • His name was not contained in the Yuujinchou.
  • Although he probably had a proper name, this have not yet been revealed.
  • Kappa or river-child is a youkai that found in Japanese culture.
  • In Japanese culture, they are usually seen as a mischievous and trickster being but in Natsume's Book of Friends series, they were actually helpful to others, especially in this case, to Natsume.