Humans and Ayakashi


Hito to Ayakashi
Air Date March 30, 2009
Episode 26
Adapted From Chapter 21 & Chapter 22
Opening Song Ano Hi Time Machine
Ending Song Aishiteru
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Humans and Ayakashi is the twenty-sixth episode of the Natsume Yuujinchou anime. It first aired on March 30, 2009. It is the thirteenth and last episode for Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou, which is the second season of the anime.


Natori tells Natsume of a well near the mansion that holds a group of Oni. They are calling out to any Youkai for help. He also learns that Kai came down from the mountains to free these Oni. While looking for Kai, Natsume sets off one of Natori's traps in the mansion.

Kai saves Natsume and heads off to kill Natori. Natsume follows him, to save Natori from getting killed. After he encounters him, he is forced to make an important decision. Which ones are more important to him? Humans or Youkai?

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