Kana/Kanji 豊月
Gender Male
Anime Debut Episode 48
Voice Actor Hikaru Midorikawa
Book of Friends
Listed No
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Houzuki is the guardian-god of the harvest moon who participates in The Moon-Splitting Festival on Mt. Misumi every ten years.


He is a beautiful youkai wearing a coronet of peonies and a white deer-horn mask.


3 years ago, he was sealed by an ignorant male exorcist, whom only reason for sealing Houzuki was to test his own exorcism skills.

After he was sealed, the White Hats kept guarding Houzuki's little temple. They were afraid if something bad  came during Houzuki's sealed state.


Natsume sensed the stone he was sealed on the ledge of the river. After releasing Houzuki from the seal, Natsume looked sad as he sensed Houzuki had lost most of his power.

Houzuki then proposed to Fuzuki to end the Mt. Misumi tournament together. In the end, they all departed in beautiful white lights.


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