Gen with bunny ears
Gender Male
Hair Colour Ice Blue
Eye Colour Blue-grey
Manga Debut Chapter 13
Anime Debut Episode 15
Voice Actor Hiroyuki Yoshino
Book of Friends
Listed No
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Gen was, alongside Sui, a guardian spirit of the forest in Shibano until they were separated by angry humans who blamed them from bad harvest.


Originally, he was just a spirit resting in a guardian statue. But when he attempted to take Natsume's body, he missed and took the "body" of a snow-made bunny.

Zoku gen-first

Gen's snow rabbit form

When in human form, he has medium-length ice-blue hair with rabbit ears(due to possessing a snow-made bunny). He wears a traditional Japanese outfit.


He is brave and kind.


He used to guard the forest of Shibano together with Sui. They were the guardian statue of the forest. However, Gen is left all alone after the villagers destroyed Sui's statue.


He tried to possessed Takashi Natsume but he possessed a snow bunny that Natsume made.

He loves Sui and seeks Natsume's help so that he could be with her again.


  • His name is not contained in the Yuujinchou, but he did requested Natsume to take his name when he was gradually affected by evil forces.