Eyeless Youkai
Shinichiro's youkai
Gender Female
Manga Debut Chapter 42
Anime Debut Episode 31
Voice Actor Yuriko Fuchizaki
Book of Friends
Listed No
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Eyeless Youkai is an old female youkai that appeared alongside Shin'ichiro.


She had two big black holes where the eyes should be. Her hair was tied back in a bun and wore red kimono.


Ever since Shin'ichiro was small, he would always read the books about ayakashi underneath the window. Unknown to him, he was surrounded by many youkais, including this eyeless youkai.

When Shin'ichiro fell sick, the other youkai tried calling him and even put a similar stethoscope-like to his body. It was eyeless youkai that kept poking on Shin'ichiro's body.


When Kakura was unknowingly released by Takashi Natsume, this youkai came back to the Shin'ichiro's household.