Evil Youkai
Evil youkai3
Gender Male
Hair Colour Black
Anime Debut Episode 47
Voice Actor Hiroomi Sugino
Book of Friends
Listed No
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An evil youkai that was chasing the young Nanase.



The young Nanase acted as innocent little girl to lure the evil youkai to her sealing circle. The evil youkai was excitedly chasing the supposed-to-be-innocent little girl. However when they reached the sealing circle, the youkai realized that the little girl was actually an exorcist and grew mad.

The scared and inexperience young Nanase scrambled to seal the evil youkai. However when she saw an innocent Kotengu was also being dragged into the concealment, she stopped her sealing chanting. The now-freed evil youkai tried to consume the young girl but failed when he heard people's voice calling for her.

During young Nanase and Kotengu's journey, the evil youkai was following them through. when he attacked young Nanase in the forest, he was stopped by Mikage.

Later on, still on vengeance upon young Nanase, he tried to attack when young Nanase was with Mikage and Kotengu.  The evil spirit was then sealed by Mikage.