Chukyuu Bullies (A and B)
Youkai bullies2
Gender Males
Manga Debut Special 01
Anime Debut Episode 07
Voice Actor Takashi Matsuyama (One-Eyed)
Hiroshi Shimozaki (Ox-Faced)
Book of Friends
Listed No
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These two middle-class youkais were the ones that always bullying the Little Fox.


Different with the friendly Chukyuu that lived in Yatsuhara, the ox like youkai body colour was much more darker. While the one-eyed youkai was red colour.



They always bullied Little Fox, saying that he was useless and any he should not stayed at the same forest with them. They were beating up Little Fox when Natsume came and saved Little Fox. When Little Fox found the white pretty hat, they bullied him by snatching away his hat. 

During the Autumn Festival, they also framed Little Fox by toppling down the bucket. The owner unabled to see them, blaming Little Fox whom was in the fox form. Natori Shuuichi was there and saved Little Fox. Both chukyuu ran away scared when they realized Natori Shuuichi could see them.

A year later, the same thing happened with the watch that Little Fox found, they also snatched it and played tossing around between them. Earlier, they stole fishes that Little Fox had, but the much stronger Little Fox managed to get his revenge.