Chukyuu (A and B)


Chukyuu a & B

Gender Males
Manga Debut Chapter 03
Anime Debut Episode 03
Voice Actor Takashi Matsuyama (One-Eyed)
Hiroshi Shimozaki (Ox-Like)
Book of Friends
Listed No
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Chukyuu (A and B) are recurring characters of Natsume's Book of Friends.

Natsume helps them to solve the mystery of the "exterminator" of youkai in Yatsuhara, and they become his informants and supporters of sorts.


One Chukyuu is an ox-like youkai while the other is a one-eyed, one-horned youkai.

Both wear grey kimonos, with a black Japanese-style coat over it.


The two are peaceful in general, supporting "Natsume-sama" with his tasks when asked.

The one-eyed youkai is usually the one who does the talking as the ox-like youkai follows and gives his bits of information.


Zoku chukyuu happy faces ep2

Sure loved cookies...

When their forest, the Yatsuhara Field was threatened by Tanuma's father, they came and asked for Natsume's help, and begged Natsume to get rid of the priest that was exorcising the youkai in the surrounding areas of the temple. Later on, they became Natsume's loyal followers.

In episode eleven of season five, they show Natsume the rare-blooming Shiraki flowers of Mitsubatake. When he gets sick afterwards, they ask Ootsuno for medicine to help him, and end up working for it, only to learn after giving it to Natsume that the medicine doesn't work on humans. Later, as they collect flowers on the mountain to give to Natsume, he visits and thanks them for the medicine. They sprinkle the flowers down on him and Nyanko-sensei, and note that although the flowers' petals will soon fall, they cannot tear their eyes away.

Moreover, they are also the founding members of "The Dog's Circle" - a ragtag band of trustworthy youkai who are loyal to Natsume Takashi, and constantly believe in him and support him. Other members include Hinoe, Madara, and Misuzu. The Dog's Circle also serves as a drinking gang which comes together every night and has a 'sake' party.


Known by their name "medium level", their Youkai power level is higher than small fries but lower than strong youkai. They may have powers that are yet to be revealed.


  • Their name "Chukyuu" literally means "medium level". Even in the manga, they are never called otherwise.
  • Their names are not included in the Yuujinchou.