Big One-Eyed Youkai
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Big one-eyed youkai
Hair Colour Black
Manga Debut Chapter 02
Anime Debut Episode 02
Book of Friends
Listed No
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A youkai that only have one big eye that was chasing Natsume from his school compound in Episode 02.


As the name suggested, this youkai only had one big-eye. He had two horn protruding from his head.


He appeared out of nowhere at Natsume's school while he was having a conversation with Sasada, Nishimura and Kitamoto.

Natsume then ran away when he sensed that this youkai was after him. When Natsume arrived at some path, this youkai was already waiting for Natsume. He wanted to eat Natsume because of the strong spirit he had.

The youkai was defeated by Madara in beast form.