Ancient Tree Youkai
Gender Male
Manga Debut Chapter 64
Anime Debut Episode 57
Book of Friends
Listed No
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The Ancient Tree Youkai was the spirit youkai that lived in an ancient plum tree in the northern mountains. After his tree was cut down for construction purposes, he started on his way southward to start residing in a twin of his own tree that existed in the southern mountains.


The Ancient Tree Youkai has a massive amount of hair on his body - so much so that only his limbs are visible, with hair covering every other part of the body. He is always seen wearing a plain white mask, with a small beard growing just at the bottom of the mask.


A kind youkai, the Ancient Tree Youkai had taken a liking to Taki Tooru, and does not seem to despise humans, although that does not mean he has a liking to them, either.

It is as if he is inquisitive about humans as he has been around them for many years, but never had the chance to interact with them, until he met Taki and Natsume Takashi.



The Ancient Tree Youkai was trapped in the house of Tooru Taki when he was on his way to the southern mountains. After being aided by Taki in finding his way out, he grew an affection for Taki and wanted desperately to express his feelings.

Natsume came across this youkai when it wrote down how it felt on the blackboard of Natsume's Earth Science classroom.

Later, he, along with Natsume, Taki, and Nyanko-sensei, help rescue two small rabbit youkai who were also trapped in Taki's house after following the Ancient Tree Youkai inside.

He resumes his journey southward at the end of the episode.