Akifumi Sugino
Kana/Kanji 杉野章史
Gender Male
Abilities See Youkai When Younger
Manga Debut Chapter 10
Anime Debut Episode 08
Voice Actor Kenji Hamada
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Akifumi Sugino is




When he was young, he had the ability to see the ayakashi, but lost the ability when he got older. Same like Natsume, due to his ability, he was shunned by his friends and relatives. When he was feeling sad, he usually went to the local lake, that's when he befriended a firefly spirit, Hotaru. He fells in love with Hotaru and they always meet together by the lake. 

However, Akifumi suddenly loses the ability as he getting older. Saddened at first, he thought Hotaru had left him. Without fail, he always come to the lake and calls out for Hotaru, unaware that she was right beside him all the time.


After a period of time, when he finally meet his future wife, he decided to try and meet Hotaru for the last time. That's when Natsume sees him sitting by the lake, with Hotaru at his shoulder.

A Hotaru in firerfly form says goodbye to Akifumi.